Hello my name is Damion and I am a sophmore student at Carnahan High School of the Future,  I would like to say that this is my first year taking PLTW and I enjoyed it.  Intially while taking this class I just thought it was pointless and would not apply to my future. However, I decided to stick with it because I knew that I wouldn't have been enrolled in this class if it was no value for me.

     Through the course of this year I learned alot about engineering and the different types of engineers, such as: Technician Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and Electrical Engineer. I feel like this class benefited me in many ways because it made me realize how much planning it takes to become an Engineer and I think that I am perfectly fit for this kind of job.

     Wrapping up this subject, I just want to thank my teacher for teaching me the important part about being an Engineer and how much I would enjoy it. Therefore, I would diffinitely recommend everyone at a school or those who are just interested in calculating, building, and drawing sketches to take this class.  Even those who need to fulfill their need to become successful in life

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